Thanksgiving, downsized

wee birdies

For many reasons, we elected not to go with a turkey this year for our Thanksgiving dinner. We had quail instead, rubbed with herbs and olive oil and roasted in our cast iron skillet.


purple brussels sprouts


leek and chestnut soup

Dinner:  November 27, 2008

two days later...

The rest of the meal was a bit more traditional.

pre-dinner nap

It was a good day.

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, downsized

  1. I love the purple brussel sprouts! I’ve never seen those before– did they taste any different? Quail is a great idea. We were just three this year and I made a small turkey, but we still had more than half when the evening ended.

    I’m impressed that you went through all the hassle of roasting and peeling your own chestnuts. Was it worth it?

  2. To me the only thing “downsized” about your Thanksgiving is that you used teeny birds instead of a turkey…you’ve got all the fixin’s and then some! It all looks gorgeous. I especially like the pomegranate seeds on the quail…and of course the adorable contented Kirby in the thick of it all.

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