Easy as Pie

Dinner: September 16, 2008

Had your fill of corn and tomatoes yet? We haven’t, but as the evenings grow cooler I’m looking for different ways to use them. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now: a polenta crust, studded with fresh sweet corn and sharp cheddar, filled with layers of heirloom tomatoes, simply sliced and salted. It was fast and easy enough for a weeknight meal, and would be even quicker if you used leftover polenta.

I made mine fresh, whisking two cups into 5 cups of boiling salted water, then adding a couple of cups of corn kernels fresh off the cob and a generous amount of grated cheese. I let the polenta cool slightly, then spread it into our cast iron skillet (which I had lubed up with a bit of olive oil on the inside). The skillet went into a preheated 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes, then I pulled it out to cool just a bit. While the crust baked, I sliced two juicy heirloom tomatoes, giving them a generous sprinkling of salt to help them exude some of their juices. I arranged the tomato slices in the crust, then added shredded fresh basil and a little coarse sea salt on top. It was delicious with a salad of bitter radicchio and arugula, and a crisp white wine alongside.

5 thoughts on “Easy as Pie

  1. there are no words to tell you how happy i am that you are cooking and blogging it all again. this recipe is another winner. the idea for this crust is brilliant and i might even do it tonight! cary would flip… what cheese did you use?

    i hope the new job is going really well, it seems that you’re both all settled into your life there and that makes me so happy to hear.

    but still when i go to nyc i miss my dining buddy…

  2. I made this a few weeks ago, but used a layer of caramelized onions with balsamic as a “sauce” and it was dreamy. Can’t recommend this polenta-crust tart highly enough.

  3. I can never get sick of fresh from the garden tomatoes and sweet corn. It’s the epitome of summer and I like to enjoy it for as long as I can before the dog days of winter settle into Chicago. This recipe looks fantastic and I’m making it for dinner tonight with some beautiful hierloom tomatoes my vines. Great idea! I also like the readers idea of carmelized onions…how bad could that be? Thanks for the great recipe!

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