Okay, I *promise* I am not still sulking, and I love all of you for your comments and encouragement and general awesomeness. So thank you, sincerely, thank you. It has been a big week, and events, more than anything, have kept me away.

First, I’m fighting a losing battle against The Dread Summer Cold which always seems to suck more than a Wintertime cold because you can’t just curl up under blankets downing mugs of something hot and soothing until the ick passes. No, you have to get up and go out into the hot, steamy world and then into air conditioning and then back into the heat and somehow manage, and that’s not great fun. Nor is it fun when you have a sick kitty to fret about (which we have been for a few days, but she’s been to our new vet and it appears she’s going to be fine after a little time to recover from what ailed her).

But! It hasn’t all been bad. In what felt like no time flat, I managed to find myself with a shiny new job – which I haven’t started just yet, but which feels like it will be a much better fit for me. And, even more exciting on a blog-level, is that we’re thisclose to rolling out a redesign of this site as well as my old home at (which broke at some point right around our move and has been unusable since). So for those of you who like to follow our exploits outside of the kitchen as well as in it, just know that I hope to be updating both sites again very soon. Like, hopefully next week. Hopefully.

Thanks so much for your patience and your kindness. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful group of readers and friends. Enjoy the weekend and I will be back soon!

13 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Jim Marce says:

    We just harvested our Lime crop; thinking of you and what you would do with a 5 gallon bucket of juicy limes!!!

  2. Bridget says:

    Glad to hear that you and Mike are doing well in Providence. Best of luck with the new job! We are sooooo excited about the upcoming addition to your family!!! (via your brother & sister-in-law) Cindy is due any minute and feeling great. We can’t wait to find out what they are having. (They wanted to be surpirsed) I LOVE your new website! You are amazing and I know that someday we’ll be buying your food magazine or watching you on the Food Network. Tell Mike we said “Hi!”
    Talk to you soon,

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