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“The holder of a copyright reserves the sole right to publish a work, and is entitled to take legal action against infringement.”
— (from Wiktionary)

Some of you know that I work with lawyers, but what you may not know is that specifically, we deal with Intellectual Property law. Infringement of IP rights is something I take very seriously, so when I learned (via Haalo and Pim) that Chef Jasper J. Mirabile, Jr. had passed off my photo of an heirloom tomato and goat cheese tart (blogged here, last year) as his own, I was, to put it mildly, furious.

Mr. Mirabile, the “all rights reserved” license on my photo apparently means nothing to you, but it certainly means a hell of a lot to me. And how dare you. How dare you.

You’ve already taken my photo down so I’m content to simply lodge a complaint about you with Blogspot and to point out, as others have, that you’re a thief and a fraud, and I will thank you (and anyone else who might be so inclined) to NEVER, EVER use my content without permission. We food bloggers look out for each other. You will be found out.

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  1. Joel says:

    I saw Pim’s post yesterday about this (concerning how he stole her work) and I’m (not) shocked to see that he stole from someone else. I can only hope someone calls into this asshole’s radio show and complains loudly. Or at least he is forced to really make amends for the crap he has stolen.

    Sorry to hear about this, but honestly it only makes me like this site more when you call people out for stuff like this.

  2. Tamiko says:

    It only makes one wonder what else he has absconded with from others…Good for you, Jen for posting this. I’d be so sorely tempted to not let him off the hook for it, though…that sort of thing gets my ire up! Thank you, by the way, for providing a wonderful blog filled with wonderful ideas. I often turn to your website when I’m pondering making something, but the ideas aren’t just flowing quite right. I always come away with something special.

  3. I love how people just use images you take, regardless of laws.

    I had a problem a few years back with someone I used to speak to on MySpace using images I took of them, after making it more than clear that they hated the ground I walked upon and would love to light fire to my life. After arguing with this person about how regardless of who is in the image, if I’m not making money off of them, I don’t need their permission to have the photo, nor do they have ANY control over the copyright of the image.

    This person argued with me and argued with me, completely oblivious to how much of a fool they were making themselves out to be. I, in return, complained to MySpace and they had their account suspended. They had to make another, but they did not use my pictures again.


  4. Janet Harvey says:

    Amazing. A grown man who passes himself off as a professional chef should know better than that. And does, I am sure.

  5. Sally says:

    I went to see what the guy was all about, and found a closed door – his blog apparently can only be visited by invitation

    why am I not even remotely sad for NOT being invited? 🙂

    way to go – I am glad you managed to get him to bring YOUR picture down.

  6. I see there is a lot of this going on……people stealing (it is STEALING) other blogger’s photos and calling them their own.
    In this case, this person has a radio show and a restaurant, therefore, I think appropriate action should be taken against him. He is a FRAUD, and the sponsors should know about it.
    Good for you Jen. We have to stick together.

  7. What an asshole. Something similar happened in this past week when I spotted another website claiming the gardens my company designed as its own.

    I imagine it is going to take a landmark case to bring this issue the attention it deserves.

    Hang in there. What you do matters to us.

  8. I feel for you, Jen. A month ago some jerk hacked into our server, then put up the entire contents of our site under a different domain name and simply changed the header (and added advertising, of course). It took a LOT of work to get the site taken down, and it definitely left a bad taste in our mouths too.

    At least this Jasper character is getting swift retribution from around the blogosphere 😀

  9. Wow, I must really be naive. I was shocked that anyone would be so bold, let alone a chef who owns a cooking school and restaurant. Classy. Good for you for calling him out. Keep on keeping on.

  10. Kristin says:

    Stick to your guns kid – If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything (and I cannot quote who that is from because it is attributed to lots of people who borrowed the statement – just like your friend Mirabile). Thanks for your inspiration – l look at your blog as the life I someday will have 🙂

  11. K says:

    Hi – Just wanted to say that I love your log and if this guy stole your work intentionally then he obviously can’t be that great of a “professional” chef. I also thought you might find Tineye ( useful. It’s a search engine for images so you could use it to see if your photos have been used anywhere else. Good luck!

  12. Frances says:


    I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I have had a similar experience with another professional in my line of work copying my FAQ page word for word!

    Oh My!

    I only hope that this “outing” will discourage other people from ever even THINKING about copying another persons work without permission.

  13. Oh, Jen! A couple of weeks ago, another blogger informed me that she had discovered that someone was stealing and trying to pass off some of her bloggings — intensely personal bloggings, to boot. When she discovered this, she culled the offending blog and found that the offender had stolen from at least four other bloggers — including me. She was trying to pass off a book review I had done that, what a shock, was also intensely personal. I don’t even know how to explain how this incident made me feel — and I never wanted anyone else to feel that! My heart goes out to you — you kick ass!

  14. kitchenkingdom says:

    So sorry to hear this happened, you know I think the reason he did it is because he KNOWS his own INCOMPETENCE prevents him from ever posting such lovely photos. Nonetheless, this guy is only FOOLING HIMSELF. We who love and respect food don’t steal from others, instead we respect the solidarity.
    Mirabile, you will NEVER be part of our honorable food solidarity.

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