Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

salad course

I just can’t get enough of salads this time of year.

Dinner:  August 8, 2008

My husband’s handiwork, inspired by a Jacques Pepin recipe in the latest issue of Food and Wine. Delicious.

Clover Club

A very fine use of leftover egg whites, this.

Dinner:  August 9, 2008

The only things in this dinner that weren’t from New England are the salt and the Pimenton de la Vera. Nice.

Ah, Nick’s. Why did we wait so long between visits?

The above was inspired by Marie, and it was just lovely.

Still tweaking my burger recipe. It’s just about there.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. And will you be sharing the burger recipe? I am always tweaking mine too you see and I am curious! I’m loving the mostly local plate too – delicious.

  2. Oh my 🙂

    The power of suggestion: your vegetable salad with mayonnaise on the side? I want it . I’m going to root though my vegetable drawer at once.

    What IS your husband’s contribtution?? – or was? Yum!

    Drink good. Ever read Walker Percy? Gin fizzes and egg whites and the hero kept breaking out in allergic hives…

    Great egg porn.

    Your anchovies look very pretty. Mine were more mundane. And I am very flattered.

    Very plump burger…Renoir would have been proud.

    End of Essay.

  3. We ate at Nick’s for brunch *twice* this weekend. It was our first trip to Providence and I am jealous of how many wonderful places to eat you have!

  4. Marcos Castrillón says:

    “Pimentón de la Vera”
    I hope is not too expensive over there. I could send you some if it is,

  5. Jennifer Hess says:

    Helen – I’d be happy to, I just need to remember what I did! 😀

    Marie – Thank you for the inspiration! That’s actually a little creamy goat cheese dressing I made for the salad – tangy and tasty, if I do say so myself. And the cocktail in question is called the Clover Club. Love it.

    Mary – we are loving the food scene here. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

    Marcos – I think we paid $5-6 US for our tin? Which is not bad at all, in my opinion, as far as spices are concerned. I bought the agridulce this time, which I think I like better than the sweet stuff I bought last time. I have yet to try the hot variety but I can see keeping all three types around – it’s just so good!

  6. We sure did – FYI, I have posted reviews of everywhere we ate over at my blog. Chez Pascal, Troup House, Antonio’s (over in New Bedford) and Nick’s of course!


  7. Marcos Castrillón says:

    The 70g tins? Ouch. IIRC, Caceres-grown, PDO that size costs me 1.20 euros.
    Mail me your addy and I’ll send you some tins plus some La Mancha saffron.

    Wait, that would be ok for the guys at customs, right? I know there’s some crazy regulations prohibiting some food imports.

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