16 thoughts on “Salad Days III

  1. Wow. That looks fabulous. Glad to see you ended the day on a brighter note!! There’s something about coming home and getting in the kitchen and working through whatever is bothering you, isn’t there!!!!

  2. how is that i can have the exact same ingredients in the fridge (ok, minus the lobster), and yet you can crank out stuff that looks 10x better than anything i could come up with?

    hope your day turned sunnier —

  3. Um wow. Recipe, please! Oh please!

    Also, man tips on cooking lobsters. I love them but cooking them scares the crap out of me what with the shell keeping me from knowing what is going on with the meat.

  4. Oh my God, are you kidding. That looks fantastic. I love lobster, but haven’t ever used it in a salad. Guess that’s one more thing to add to the “must try” list!

  5. Karla Gunnell says:

    Stumbled on your website while looking for zucchini recipes and adore all your photos and meals! You definitely have 2 talents that I wish I had but I get to enjoy them! Do you have photography tips??

    thanks for making food a glorious part of my day

  6. Julia says:

    I’m a local reader andI just found your blog–it’s inspiring to read about the wonderful things you’re doing with RI foods! Not to mention the beautiful photography. Thank you so much.

  7. Well, yum. Obviously. Did you cook the corn at all first? I’ve been using grilled corn a lot in salads this summer but have sort of been kicking around the idea of using it raw. Extra crunchy and all.

  8. There’s nothing about this that I don’t like. I just want to dive in.

    Sorry about your crappy day – hopefully this coming week will be better!

  9. Jennifer Hess says:

    Wow, everyone – thank you. I am so far behind (as you can probably tell) so I’ll try to answer all of your questions.

    As I’ve said before, “recipes” are a little tricky for me – I’m a fairly imprecise cook, and I go by taste more than anything. I had pre-cooked the lobsters (2 of ’em, cooked in boiling salted water for 10 minutes or so, then cooled and the meat removed from the shells and stored in the fridge until I was ready for them. I chopped and cooked four slices of bacon, and I used some of the rendered bacon fat in my vinaigrette. I used champagne vinegar, but would have liked a bit more acidity so if I do this again I’ll probably try sherry vinegar.

    The corn in the salad was raw, just cut off the cob. I tossed the bacon, chopped lobster and corn with halved cherry/grape tomatoes, fresh thyme and basil, thinly sliced scallions and the vinaigrette, and served them on a bed of arugula – simple as that!

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