Salad Days II

Dinner:  July 29, 2008

I think I’ve spoken before of my fondness for Rhode Island-style calamari, but did you know that most of the squid served in restaurants in this country is actually from the waters off little Rhody? I didn’t until I read an article about it in the Spring 2008 issue of Edible Rhody magazine, and since then I’ve happily indulged in this local treat whenever possible.

I’ve lamented the fact that, to my surprise, fresh local seafood can be difficult to find in stores around here, but our nearby Whole Foods often has plenty of Point Judith squid available. It’s inexpensive and plentiful, and I picked up a pound of it recently hoping to make it the focus of a meal.

I had originally planned to go in a slightly different direction here, but I settled on a salad infused with Spanish flavors, mixing up a smoked Spanish paprika and sherry vinaigrette to dress the smoky grilled squid and warm potatoes. Chopped shallot and celery added some crunch, and plenty of fresh celery leaves and parsley provided an herbal bite. The finishing touch was a few slivers of fresh red chile pepper, which imparted a gentle heat and pop of color.

7 thoughts on “Salad Days II

  1. OK, I’m drinking a breakfast bowl of coffee and wanting squid. That’s just wrong.

    Potato and tentacled things are such a good match and they look delicious.

    I love calamari but hardly ever cook it at home. How’s the heat for the pan – super hot and sort of flash cook it, or more gentle?

  2. I had Rhode Island style calamari at a restaurant in Portsmouth recently and whoo-boy, it was way too hot for me, and even for my boyfriend, who usually can’t get enough spice and heat in his food. Is it supposed to be THAT hot?

  3. Jen,
    We always order Point Judith cornmeal dusted calamari at our favorite restaurant in NJ. They are always perfect. SO good, addictive.
    I never knew they were from Rhode Island.
    Thanks for the info.

    Went to the Brooklyn Flea last weekend in Ft Greene, some excellent food going on there! You were missed!

    Stacey Snacks

  4. Jim says:

    I wish it were so; once you get out of the N.E. fresh seafood area, most squid is now from China. It is getting next to impossible to find any squid that is not from China. Granted, fresh is not an import but most restaurants/seafood shops sell “previously frozen”.

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