Sor loser

Incredibly fresh pieces of wild striped bass, a puree of potatoes and sorrel – I was so excited about this meal, but I forgot that as bright and lovely as sorrel tastes, it turns kind of grey-green when cooked.

Oh, well. At least it tasted good.

4 thoughts on “Sor loser

  1. Jen, that looks so fantastic. I love love love fresh striped bass!
    Can you believe I have never tried sorrel? It’s on the short list now, for sure.

  2. Ha! the poop-effect :-), to which I have sucumbed before, too. Rats. But delicious. I very much like the small bite out of the corner of your bass. Sorrel wilted into a cream sauce is about the one thing that can tempt me to saute a chicken breast.

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