a change of seasons

I said to Mike the other night that I want my old life back. Which isn’t exactly true… in fact, it’s mostly false. I adore where we live – both the city and the dwelling. I love working in Boston again, rediscovering old haunts and staking out new ones. I am incredibly happy with how this move has helped me physically, and how the clean air, slower pace and quieter surroundings have been for our mental health. Making this move was the right thing at the right time, and I have no regrets. But it has come with a price.

I step out the door in the morning, and I don’t arrive home until almost 13 hours later. It’s a long day for me – for both of us. And I still cook, most nights, and there have been so many meals over the last couple of weeks that I have wanted to share here, but I just can’t seem to make the time. Heck, I can’t even keep up with comments, email, any of it.

My new laptop is great, but I’ve been less than impressed by the MBTA’s free wi-fi. Service is spotty, if it works at all, and the time I thought I could carve out at either end of my commute to process photos, draft and publish blog posts, and generally keep up with life on the internets just hasn’t materialized. And I miss it.

It’s funny, this thing we do. You read someone’s blog, look at their photos, get a glimpse into their homes and their lives. You comment and reply to comments. You make connections. And being away from it, not having the time that I would like to have to keep up with this little part of my life has been difficult and frustrating. And yes, I suppose the fact that when I get home at the end of the day, I’m mostly interested in sitting with my husband and the cats, having a cocktail while we talk about our day and prep dinner rather than rushing off to get online means that my priorities are where they should be, but I miss having the time to fit it all in. I wish there were more hours in the day, even just one, so that I could fit it all in.

scene from a Saturday

I hate to complain, because in the grand scheme of things, this is so very minor. When I started this blog, it was a way for me to catalogue what I was cooking, and in a way, to keep track of what was going on in our lives at the time. When we decided to move here one of the first things we did was scope out the food scene, and eating our way around our new city has been a wonderful experience that I wish I were keeping a better record of.

the first

Summer’s here, and as we all know, it goes by far too quickly. Here’s hoping I can save a few snapshots of it for posterity.

11 thoughts on “a change of seasons

  1. karyn says:

    Wow, girl I have missed your blogs and photos so much. Yes, your time with one another is very important, you have that right. Glad you are enjoying this new season in your life!!

  2. Jen,
    Your priorities are most definitely in the right place. We enjoy your writing and your food. And we will enjoy it when your time is available to share both with us.

  3. Haha!

    I’ll take what I can get!

    I love the pea pod and chard photos. That tomato, though, looks like something from a science fiction or horror film. It may haunt me in my nightmares!

    The plate of oysters, though, looks absolutely fantastic. What was Mr. Last Night’s Dinner serving for beverage? I have to admit that I tend towards MFK’s Martini with Oysters. Or maybe a nice Alsace white.

  4. bev says:

    hey jen-

    LONG time lurker, first time poster just sayin’ how much i enjoy your culinary goings on!

    hope you continue cooking great and creating those beautiful photos that very often make me drool at inappropriate times during my day.

    OYSTERS! oh, what a craving i’m having now at midnight on a sunday evening………SEE!

  5. megan says:


    This is my first time to visit your blog. It’s fabulous.You are a talent. Each dish looks
    yummy. I could learn lots of cooking methods and give me plenty of ideal as well.

  6. Thirteen hours, whoowhee. Now I understand, 🙂

    You made me/us look at that damn BBQ’d chicken so long that I have exhausted ways of preparing…BBQ’d chicken. Now I’m on to a vegetable diet.

    You’ve been missed – and I’m quite sure your happy readers will adapt to your new schedule. Enjoy your oysters, your husband, your kitties, and that great-looking courtyard. That’s what’s important.

    Estorbo sends a keess.

  7. I’ll echo what everyone else is saying and let you know we’ve missed you around here. But I’m a fellow 13-hour girl myself, and understand your dilemma. (What I don’t understand is how you can still cook most evenings. :)) Do what you can, enjoy your offline life, and we’ll be waiting for you right here, ready to salivate over your latest creations.

  8. Well said! And I can definitely understand…blogging can be hard to keep up with as a hobby, and we completely understand if you can’t update everyday. Every little bit is much appreciated. Beautiful photos and beautiful writing!

  9. I literally just linked to your blog for the first time and I was totally understanding this post and the feelings you are feeling! I had to poke around a bit to see where you moved from and my guess was confirmed – the city. Not just the city, but Brooklyn! Me and my husband continue to pay the increasingly higher and higher rents here in Brooklyn too and we discuss moving out of the city all the time. If we could really afford a nice place with an outdoor space that was a NORMAL size, I’d stay in Brooklyn my whole life. I LOVE it here and I think part of the reason we’re still here, wasting our savings on rent is b/c we just do not have the balls to go anywhere else. i can shit it at the thought of it, but it’s going to have to happen. we talk about wanting a real garden, a slower pace, cleaner air, more closets, the ability to have guests really feel comfortable staying over, but we just can’t do it yet. but, it’s going to happen and i’m sure there will be moments that i long for brooklyn and what it has to offer that no place on earth has to offer. but the truth of the matter is, space and a garden and clean air really does outweigh the other things that are keepign me here.

    anyways, your blog looks really inspiring so I will be back! and i’m going to take some time to poke around!

    amy @ we are never full

  10. I think you are doing a great job! That picture of oysters just makes me drool – on of my all time favourite eats.

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