13 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. Vancouver is grey and cool (and lovely) but right now you’ve made me itch for my BBQ in Brooklyn. V.e.r.y nice-looking ribs! So, um, what was on them????

  2. Man, you make my weekend look like a crying little baby. Then again, I didn’t do anything!! You’re making me hungry, and I’ve had coffee, so having an appetite right now is highly unlikely – LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE!

    I am still INSANELY jealous of the amount of seafood that seems to be in your diets. I LOVE seafood; if I had the choice, I’d live off of seafood and the occasional boneless, skinless chicken breast. SO HEALTHY! So wonderful! The healthiest I’ve ever been was when I was a pesco-ovo vegetarian. I’m lactose intolerant, so I never had dairy; just tons of veggies, and really the only type of fish I’d have was sushi, or if my mom insisted I eat something other than veggies & beans.


  3. No kidding, one huge reason we wanted to stay in the New York/New England area after deciding to leave NYC is all the fresh seafood. We couldn’t bear to leave it.

  4. Well, I had a funa and experimental cooking session on Saturday, but, um, I think I’ll take those ribs instead. And the sandwich. And the clams.

    Hey, is that evil hot sauce really evil? And possibly tasty? I’d like to order some if you’d recommend it. I love habaneros.

  5. Jennifer Hess says:

    Cee – I’m sorry! If you click on the photos you can read a brief description for most of them on my Flickr page…

    erik – you’re welcome over any time!

    Julia – they were great, really great. This time around I made a garlic scape pesto and a spin on a horseradish-Tabasco butter in the current issue of Food and Wine. Both worked well!

    Marie – ah, Vancouver. I have always wanted to visit there. 🙂 As for the ribs, that was Mike’s project. He just picked up Mario Batali’s new Italian grilling cookbook, and there’s a recipe in there that he used as a base, doctoring it up with a few other “secret” ingredients (some of which I know but I am forbidden to divulge!) – it was really tasty.

    Toni – again, I’m sorry! As Mike said, we do love our seafood and it was a big reason we decided to stay on this coast. We try to have seafood dinners a couple of nights a week, and some weeks we’re better at it than others. We’ve got a great seafood vendor at the Hope High farmers’ market, though, so we’ve been trying to take advantage. 🙂

    amy – hey, we both had boiled crabs, though I suspect yours were far, far better than mine! I need to hunt down some Zatarain’s crab boil…

    Hillary – ha ha – thanks!

    J Adamthwaite – Aw, thank you. Another thing we’re grateful for is the availability of very good local eggs here, from a couple of different sources.

    Sara – if you click through to the photos you can get a little more info (I’m sorry, I could probably do an amended post, but I’m lazy!)

    melissa – We love the Evil Hot. Part of the reason is that the man behind it is our very good friend Ed, but also, it’s darned tasty. It’s not a vinegar-based hot sauce, so what you get is really pure pepper flavor, which makes it excellent for cooking with. And it’s hot, but not hot for the sake of being hot. If that makes any sense. 🙂 Try it, and tell Ed I sent you!

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