Don’t give up on us, baby


Um, yeah. I have some serious catching up to do. I thought this week would be better, but I’m finishing out my second and last week of “official” training at the new job, and I’m beat. The number of unread and “saved to read later” posts I have in Bloglines and emails/comments/Tweets/etc. I have yet to respond to is shameful. I’m told that my schedule might be changing for the better next week, so I’m hoping that will actually leave me more time to talk about what we’ve cooked here – because despite the radio silence, there has been plenty of actual cooking going on at Chez Dietschyblossom. And also, you should expect to hear more from my better half about *his* kitchen projects very soon.

2 thoughts on “Don’t give up on us, baby

  1. We’ll be here 🙂

    I’m munching on a srawberry pancake right now, looking at your strawberries. Sticky keyboard. Estorbo says hi.

  2. hey girl, can’t wait to see whtcha been up to
    congrats on making the transition to a new chapter in your lives

    i’m in nyc june29 for 10 days
    amy and i are doing the long lunch thing at ‘a voce’ on june 30
    if you’re around…??? join us
    if not, we will raise a glass…

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