Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

Barbecue and Iron Man with friends on Friday, a trip to the farmers’ market and the newest Farmstead outpost on Saturday, wandering Federal Hill on Sunday… yeah, despite the cold and rain, we had another great weekend in our new city.

My creation

We’re trying to be frugal these days, but I couldn’t resist picking up a package of lobster tortelloni at Venda Ravioli yesterday. Tossed with thinly sliced asparagus, a bit of creme fraiche, and the remainder of the spring onion pesto I made last week, it was sinfully good (and totally worth the splurge).

I don’t usually talk about breakfast here, but this morning’s meal was worth mentioning. I had some Black Valentine beans left in the fridge from a previous dinner, which I reheated and mashed with a little bit of bacon fat until creamy. Add to that a couple of fried tortillas, chipotle salsa, cheese and chopped radish and cilantro left over from that same dinner, top with fried egg, and voila – huevos rancheros.


Not a bad way to kick off another week of good eating, I’d say.

One thought on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. BBQ, Lobster, and running an Iron Man seemed a bit incongruous, until I checked the link.

    Oh! Iron Man, the movie!

    Anyway, that Huevos Rancheros type breakfast thing looks positively delicious.

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