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Dinner:  February 27, 2008

I’ve served salmon with lentils probably dozens of times since Mike and I have been sharing meals, and while it’s a great combination, last night I decided to change it up a bit. Since we were away last weekend and weren’t able to do our usual food safari, I had to stock up on a few provisions earlier in the week. I went a little crazy at Greenwich Produce, bringing home fingerling potatoes, Meyer lemons, little stem cherry tomatoes (I know, I know, but they were so pretty and jewel-like I couldn’t resist), red and golden beets, and a gorgeous bunch of rainbow chard. Since chard and lentils play so well together in soup, I thought I’d combine them to go alongside our salmon fillets.

I started by separating the chard stems from the leaves, trimming the bottoms and slicing the stems thinly. I sautéed them in a bit of olive oil along with a couple of smashed garlic cloves and a pinch of kosher salt until they were tender, and then added a cup of Puy lentils. I poured two cups of water into the pot, added a generous amount of fresh thyme, covered it and let it simmer over low heat. While the lentils were cooking, I rolled up the chard leaves like little cigars, sliced them into about 1 inch ribbons and gave them a good rinse, letting them drain but leaving a little water clinging to their leaves. When the lentils were tender and had absorbed almost all of the liquid in the pot, I added the chard leaves, gently stirring them through until they were just wilted. I dribbled in a little sherry vinegar, gave it another stir, and spooned the mixture onto our plates, topping them with our salmon and a quick little pan sauce of sharp Dijon mustard, white wine, and lemon juice with a knob of cold butter whisked in at the end.

The salmon was great but I really loved the chard and lentil combo. It was quick and wholesome and would actually make a great meal on its own, topped with a little feta or goat cheese (or one of my favorite poached eggs). I liked it so well, in fact, that I’ve packed the leftovers for my lunch today. As Terry B can attest, sometimes the side dish really is the star of the show.

13 thoughts on “Side ways

  1. i’m really into chard lately; i just made a vegetarian taco with poblano and butternut squash from one of rick bayless’s books the other night.

    this looks like a super-tasty (and good for you!) and pretty easy weeknight dinner. yum!

  2. Great blog. I’m putting up a link on my blog ( You’re a great inspiration to get over that “What’s for dinner?” conundrum!

  3. Delicious. I have to try the lentils chard combination.

    I especially like the sauce for the salmon. I have been topping mine with a white wine, dill cream sauce. Yours sounds like a welcomed alternative.

  4. Oh, wow, Jennifer. This looks really good. I’m a big fan of swiss chard. I can’t wait for spring when the farmer’s market here has the most spectacular new baby swiss chard. And it goes so well with lentils. The whole dish looks like a nutritional powerhouse.

  5. Jennifer–Wow. I never think of cooking the stems on chard; I always just toss it. Very cool. Oh, and thanks for the nice mention! Also very cool.

  6. Jennifer Hess says:

    Michelle – oh, that sounds great! I have made a version of some of his chard tacos as well and they’re an awesome meatless dish.

    Gail – I usually do salmon and other skin-on fish fillets in a super hot cast iron skillet, seasoned just with salt and pepper, a little bit of oil in the pan, cooking them most of the way on the skin side then flipping them to get a little color on the flesh side.

    Life Chef – Thanks!

    Donald – dill and salmon are a classic – yum!

    theitaliandish – Thank you! I’m really looking forward to spring and all of its tender young greens myself.

    Terry B – You are quite welcome, and thank you for the inspiration!

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