Weekend Eats (and Drinks)


I’m still trying to recover from what was a very long, busy weekend for us. With the help of friends at the BARC shelter in nearby Williamsburg, we were able to trap five of the nine cats who regularly visit our back yard and get them over to the ASPCA’s spay/neuter truck. We had been hoping to do this for some time but were always faced with logistical challenges; this time, though, the stars were in alignment and we got it done.


Funny Face, the matriarch of the group, was the last to enter a carrier and she made it quite clear she would do it on her own terms, but I’m grateful she trusted us enough to go along with our plan in the end. We were only able to capture one of her four newest kittens, but the remaining three seem to be doing okay on their own. We saw them this morning and fed them, and we can hopefully catch them for our next round of TNR.

The kitty-herding took up the bulk of our time and energy, so I didn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I did whip up a fresh batch of chicken stock yesterday afternoon while I did my periodic freezer inventory, and Mike and I joined forces to produce an easy dinner of steak frites and salad which we ate while watching the Super Bowl. (We’re not really pro football fans, but the commercials are always fun.) As a bit of a reward to ourselves for our cat-trapping successes, we picked up a case of Kermit Lynch’s 2006 Vaucluse. Our feline sommelier apparently approves.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

  1. Cat people rock! I had some friends over for dinner on Saturday and they were asking why I never post pics of my two cats to my blog. I had no answer for them . . . and now, seeing your cat pics makes me think I shouldn’t deprive my readers of cat pics! I’m amazed you were able to coax your neighborhood cats into a cat carrier. I no longer have a yard, but just prior to moving to DC 3.5 years ago, I managed to corral six kittens from my Venice Beach yard into a carrier to take them to the vet . . . but I could never, ever, ever get near their mom. Cheers to you and the trust you’ve instilled in the matriarch!

  2. My heart is totally warmed by reading something like this — good for you for doing it. I looked at the kitten pictures and it looks like maybe you were able to trap a few more? Couldn’t tell. At any rate, you’ve done a good deed.

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Hillary – When space is at a premium like it is in our kitchen, I have to be! And thank you. 🙂

    Food Rockz Man – Thanks so much!

    Julie – Thank you! We have captured six total – the five from last weekend as well as one additional kitten yesterday who has a broken paw. He’s going to get treatment for that and then he and his sister will also be spayed/neutered. We’ve got two kittens left that we’re trying to trap, as well as our pal Hoople, the fuzzy grey male who has been out there the longest.

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