Simple but elegant

Dinner:  January 30, 2008

As I’ve said before, I really believe that you eat with your eyes first, so I like to spend a little time on plating. Our dinner last night wasn’t anything fancy – a combination of beets, fingerlings and purple potatoes tossed with salt, olive oil and Herbes de Provence and then roasted in the oven, a salmon filet seasoned with salt and pepper and seared on the stovetop, my basic mustard vinaigrette and some pretty microgreens – but the presentation (and flavor) garnered a big “WOW” from my husband. It’s nice to know I can still knock his socks off from time to time.

10 thoughts on “Simple but elegant

  1. I agree with the others. This picture is beautiful! And I just had dinner out tonight – salmon with a black olive sauce – but yours looks so much better!

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    jess – I wish! Santa didn’t bring me a new camera, I guess I’ve just been playing around with my technique a bit. Practice makes perfect, right? 🙂

    claudia – Thank you. And yes, I’m blushing.

    Cee – Thanks! Black olive sauce – do tell!

    Helen – You can’t really go wrong there!

    michelle – Thank you! I’m starting to add some new pieces into our collection – dishes, bowls, flatware, just to change things up a bit. Basic whites are a great place to start, though.

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