Simple but elegant

Dinner:  January 30, 2008

As I’ve said before, I really believe that you eat with your eyes first, so I like to spend a little time on plating. Our dinner last night wasn’t anything fancy – a combination of beets, fingerlings and purple potatoes tossed with salt, olive oil and Herbes de Provence and then roasted in the oven, a salmon filet seasoned with salt and pepper and seared on the stovetop, my basic mustard vinaigrette and some pretty microgreens – but the presentation (and flavor) garnered a big “WOW” from my husband. It’s nice to know I can still knock his socks off from time to time.

10 thoughts on “Simple but elegant

  1. I agree with the others. This picture is beautiful! And I just had dinner out tonight – salmon with a black olive sauce – but yours looks so much better!

  2. So beautiful.

    I just bought a small selection of plain white dishes to try and make my food look better, but nice dishes won’t teach me how to plate like this. So simple, but so appealing.

    Us vs. Food

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    jess – I wish! Santa didn’t bring me a new camera, I guess I’ve just been playing around with my technique a bit. Practice makes perfect, right? 🙂

    claudia – Thank you. And yes, I’m blushing.

    Cee – Thanks! Black olive sauce – do tell!

    Helen – You can’t really go wrong there!

    michelle – Thank you! I’m starting to add some new pieces into our collection – dishes, bowls, flatware, just to change things up a bit. Basic whites are a great place to start, though.

  4. GORGEOUS! 🙂 The purple microgreens, the orange salmon, the yellow potatoes… all the colors and shapes, and the long plate… it’s just perfect.

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