Work in Progress: Meatless Chili

I’ve been playing with recipes for meatless chili for some time now, trying to develop one that will become my go-to version. This black bean chili has come closest so far, though it still needs a bit of work. I used fresh mushrooms to approximate the texture of ground beef in the dish, and I was pleased with the result, though I think next time I’ll try a coarser grind. While this dish still needs some tweaking, it was very, very good, and is going to make great lunchtime leftovers.

I’m going to keep working on this one, and when I get it right I’ll post a recipe.

5 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Meatless Chili

  1. Back when I lived in the DC area, loved going to Hard Times a local-area chain of chili joints. They had a great veggie chili, made with textured soy flakes (chewy) and chopped-up peanuts. People swore it had meet in it.

  2. I love a meatless chili! But I can remember my grad school days of trying to perfect the right recipe. Not easy but SO worth the effort! Cheap, easy, and very good.

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    monica – Ha ha! Meet, meat, it’s all good. 🙂 I’m trying to stay away from the soy protein products as add-ins, but nuts are a fun idea. I like how the mushrooms worked in this version so I’ll probably play around with them next time as well. I was less happy with the bulgur I tried in the past – it was a little too grainy.

    Cee – frugal and filling (and makes awesome leftovers) – can’t beat that!

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