Two for the Road

It has turned into a bit of a busy week at Chez Dietschyblossom, which has meant that our dinners for the last few nights were fairly quick and uncomplicated. We’re meeting up with friends for dinner tonight, which means I probably won’t be back here until Monday, but I’ll get you caught up on our last couple of dinners:

Dinner:  January 8, 2008

I’ve had this recipe for Hazelnut & Chard Ravioli Salad bookmarked for a while, and I based Tuesday night’s pasta dinner on it – a delicious mix of red chard sautéed in olive oil with a bit of garlic and fresh thyme, roughly chopped hazelnuts, grated Parmagiano Reggiano and a bit of butter which I then tossed with Gorgonzola ravioli. It was a winning combination of flavors and textures, and a dish which I’ll definitely keep in our repertoire.

Dinner:  January 9, 2008

I didn’t quite hit the mark with Wednesday’s dinner of sautéed wild striped bass with a Meyer lemon and green olive relish. The fish itself was fine, but the relish was slightly too bitter. I tend not to add sweeteners to my food, but I wonder if a bit of honey might have balanced the flavors out, or perhaps using a fruitier variety of olive. At any rate, I’ll keep playing with the relish recipe – I did like the flavors of the Meyer lemon and herbs (parsley, dill, chives and mint) with the fish.

I’ve got my annual post-holiday lunch date with one of my bosses today which should provide me with lots of inspiration for future fish dishes – we’re going to Le Bernardin, which I’m positively giddy about. I’ll be sure to report back. Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Two for the Road

  1. OldAuntAmy says:

    I have to say that I hate this blog because it always leaves me STARVING and I always pop in at the HUNGRIEST times of the day. Like now. At 5:19pm. When I wish I could somehow eat those glorious ravioli through my computer screen.

    Thanks for always making me ravenous, even as a vegetarian.


  2. A lovely post as always, Jennifer. I love that you and Mike manage to eat well pretty much every night. I also love that you’re looking to your lunch at Le Bernardin to inspire you. One of the great things about cooking is that everything can inspire us. A meal we eat, a cookbook, even a phrase on a menu, in another blogger’s post, a magazine article…

  3. As always, you give me just what I need after a night out on the town – beautiful, sexy food to look at! Hazelnut and chard ravioli – omg, reminds me of eating nutella with vegetables. And those lemons and parsley with the fish looks divine!

  4. That ravioli looks fantastic. It’s full of color and I love the idea of the hazelnuts. I can just imagine the creaminess of the gorganzola cheese contrasted by the crunch of the nuts. I’m so hungry!

  5. Jennifer Hess says:

    OAA- You’re too sweet. Mwah!

    Terry – Some nights it is definitely harder than others, but we try! And yes, inspiration is all around… 🙂

    claudia – I think you could definitely use preserved lemon, in fact, I bet that would go a long way toward remedying the bitterness problem I had. Try it and let me know?

    Cee – Thank you!

    Tara – Hazelnuts are my current obsession. I want to put them on/in everything!

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