Menu for Hope


Living as I do in an “up and coming” neighborhood, I am reminded every day that there are a lot of hungry people in the world. There are a lot of people who can’t rely on a fully stocked pantry to put a good meal together when Plan A fails, and who don’t have the luxury of paying more money for pastured this or sustainable that. I realize every day just how lucky I am to be able to cook and eat as I do, and every day I wish that people didn’t have to go to bed hungry, didn’t have to choose between putting food on their table or buying their medicine, between feeding their family or keeping a roof over their heads.

Hunger is a pervasive problem, and at this time of year, as those of us who are able to do so gather around the table with loved ones to dine and celebrate, we should also remember those who must go without, and strive to help them in any way possible.

Food is about sharing, about a sense of community, and one great way you can get a helping of both of those things is by participating in Menu for Hope. The campaign kicks off on December 10th, and will benefit the UN World Food Programme. I encourage you all to take a moment and read more about Menu for Hope over at Chez Pim, and to give whatever support you can to this great cause.

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