6 thoughts on “Repeat the Beat

  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    I think my husband wishes I’d make this more often than I do, actually. 🙂 I’m also a fan of the cavatappi – I love how chunky it is, and how it holds a sauce.

  2. Mary Coleman says:

    I have tried so many versions of this sauce…all too much tomato fighting the tuna, if you know what I mean. This was perfection. Groom LOVED it. I have to admit, he turned his nose up at this for dinner, obviously remembering the overwhelming sauces I have done before.
    The only substitution I made was Turkish Oregano from Penzey’s instead of marjoram because I couldn’t find my jar of it. The lemon zest was inspirational.
    Excellent once again! Keep this up, honey. You are remarkable.

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Mary – I’m so glad it was a success for you! I tend to use marjoram because it’s just a bit softer than oregano, but oregano is definitely a great substitution. Thanks for your kind words!

  4. Jennifer Hess says:

    I just love how it holds the sauce. 🙂 I think most recipes for this call for fusilli, but I think it has a tendency to get lost in this particular sauce.

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