Foiled Again

Dinner:  September 18, 2007

I’m a little frantic these days. My pre-party panic is in full effect, and I’m beginning to do prep for several party dishes when I get home from work in the evenings in addition to getting dinner on the table. Last night was a pretty heavy prep night, as I worked on about six and a half pounds of duck breasts for the little pulled duck sandwiches I’m serving Saturday. Since the oven was on anyway, I figured I’d take advantage of that and packet cook some scallops.

I’m a big fan of packet cooking. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it makes for minimal cleanup – important considerations when you’re pressed for time and juggling other things. For these scallop packets, I set two squares of foil next to each other on a baking sheet, and mounded a combination of fresh corn, halved heirloom cherry tomatoes and sliced scallions on the center of each. I placed five plump little sea scallops on top of the veggies, seasoned them with kosher salt, and drizzled about a tablespoon of white vermouth and a little olive oil over each before sealing them up. The sealed packets went into a 450 degree oven for 12 minutes and when they were done, I placed each one into a shallow bowl to catch any stray juices, opened them up and sprinkled a bit of shredded basil on top. This meal couldn’t have been simpler, and it was bursting with late-summer goodness.

5 thoughts on “Foiled Again

  1. I would have never thought of doing scallops that way – sounds great! Thanks for sharing it – I’ll definitely have to try that sometime.

  2. I JUST foil-wrapped some sole the other night! I sealed it in with garlics, shallots, red onion, and lemon (I layered lemon slices over the fillets). I only had to cook it for 10 minutes in 375 degrees! It was pretty good, especially with the lemon-fennel-caper somethin’ whatever sauce I made. Honestly, it was a random idea I pretty much pulled out of my bum (or thin air, if you prefer that analogy). For veg, it was just zucchini and a quartered hunk of fennel that I roasted with olive oil and balsamic under the broiler.

    it wasn’t bad! I enjoyed it and it was easy, but the fish looked nicer than I planned. I was GOING to include a simple pilaf, but I ended up forgetting.

    Scallops sound so good lately because of your recipes I’ve looked at involving them.

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