Summer simplicity

Dinner:  August 30, 2007

This is about as simple as it gets – I rubbed a couple of tuna steaks down with a mixture of chopped fresh garlic and Herbes de Provence, seasoned them with salt and poured over a healthy amount of olive oil, then grilled them over hardwood for about five minutes per side. I served them with a dollop of homemade lemon pesto (sans cheese) and a salad of arugula, radish, fresh corn and tomatoes. Light, bright and delicious – this was everything I want in a late summer supper.

4 thoughts on “Summer simplicity

  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    I suppose it’s actually a basic pesto with lots of fresh lemon juice and finely grated lemon zest added – the lemon ends up being pretty pronounced. 🙂 As for the herb/green component, I’ve done the lemon with basil, flat leaf parsley, arugula or a combination, all with good results.

  2. Looks very tasty! I think I might try something like this tomorrow when cooking for my parents. Five minutes a side? How did it look in the middle? Personally I would have halved that cooking time because I prefer it medium-rare, but let me know what you think. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Hi there, and thanks! I haven’t had much luck with getting my tuna medium-rare when cooking at home, but give it a shot! I think the pieces I get are usually too wide/thin to make medium-rare work for me.

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