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  1. since i live in san francisco, where it is perpetually 56 degrees (or at least it often feels that way), this looks particularly cozy and delicious. if it’s not too much trouble, please post the recipe! and keep up the good work; your food photos & recipes are inspiring.

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    Thanks, lady d! I used my basic meatball recipe (as written up here), substituting a pound of ground veal for the ground chuck and using shallots instead of the red onion. After frying, I drained them and finished cooking them in my herb broth – which was some chopped shallot, a bit of salt and a big handful each of fresh tarragon, chervil, and summer savory simmered in about cup each of white wine and plain water and then strained.

    I boiled the fregula until it was al dente, put a scoop of each into our bowls, added a handful of chopped herbs on top, then ladled the meatballs and broth over, fininshing with a little lemon zest. I think the broth needed a bit of work, but overall I was happy with the dish, and I’ll definitely keep playing around with the recipe!

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