6 thoughts on “Weekend eats (and drinks)

  1. Hey..are those cured meats both Italian or is one lomo from Spain? I discovered that stuff out in wine country last weekend…AWESOME stuff.

    Great pictures btw…

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    Thanks, guys. I’ve been a little busy so I didn’t really have time for more than posting photos. 🙂

    Lenn, the meats you see are Serrano ham and a Spanish chorizo, both of which were delicious. I have not had lomo but I have heard wonderful things… I’ll have to seek it out.

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Thanks! Actually, it was not a rose, but a nice juicy red, recommended to us by our favorite wine guy. We drank it with a bit of chill on it, which really brought out the fruit.

  4. I can image how nice the wine was. The wine in the south of France tends to be juicy, fruity. sometimes, it’s said that it tends to be less acidity though, I like some wine in the south of France. One of My favorites in is Delphine de Margon. It’s a languedoc winery. They make nice enjoyable wines. the vin mousseux was also nice.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your food photos and articles.

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