This is living

again with the Sinsky

This pretty much sums up what I did all weekend. Mother nature cooperated and gave us gorgeous, dry weather, so we spent most of our time relaxing in the yard. I spent a little time in the kitchen, mainly making sides (mustardy potato salad with dill and chives from the garden, slow-cooked beans with cocoa and chipotles) for the things Mike grilled for our meals (smoky barbecued chicken and a delicious beef brisket), as well as turning the leftovers from our Friday lobster dinner into lobster salad and lobster stock, but the heavy lifting was done by my husband.

the finest

I took a lot of photos of what we ate, but the quality of the photos is directly proportionate to the amount of wine I ingested – they got worse and worse as our evenings progressed (whoops). You’ll just have to trust me when I say it was all delicious.

2 thoughts on “This is living

  1. You two are an inspiration! This is totally what long weekends should be like, so relaxing.

    p.s. Did you see pg 34 of AoE? 😉

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    My favorite thing about this issue of AoE was seeing your photo credit!!! Very cool stuff!

    Next time you guys make it out this way, I hereby decree that we will sit in the garden with reading material and good wine and have wonderful conversations about food and life and everything. Unless it’s January, in which case we’ll just do all of those things indoors. 😉

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