Planked Salmon with Miso-Mustard Glaze

Dinner:  May 15, 2007

We had a rather eventful evening last night which still has me a bit distracted, but I did manage to get a meal on the table: wild Alaskan salmon filets, grilled on cedar planks and basted with a mixture of miso paste, grainy Dijon, a splash of tamari and a little canola oil. To accompany the salmon, I seasoned some asparagus spears with salt and pepper, tossed them with a bit of dark sesame oil, and sealed them in a foil packet; the pouch cooked on the grill as well. Rounding out our meal was a salad of tatsoi leaves tossed in a rice wine vinaigrette. Quick and tasty.

5 thoughts on “Planked Salmon with Miso-Mustard Glaze

  1. Jennifer–I haven’t been keeping an accurate count, but I think you’ve already amortized the cost of your new grill! And the weeknight meals you “manage” to get on the table would count as big deal company dinners for many of us.

    Regarding the adorable kittens, if you hope to find homes for them, they should be getting some acclimatizing to human contact, if the mother will allow it. Feral cats are very hard to place. Not that you need yet another thing on your plates.

  2. Jennifer Hess says:

    Terry, we are definitely going to try to get the kittens comfortable with human contact. Their mama is very sweet and affectionate, and loves to sit in our laps when we’re out back. She wasn’t always this way but over time she has come to trust us, so the fact that she has come so far and feels comfortable and safe enough with us that she brought her babies into our yard is a huge deal. 🙂

    The kittens are just about 2.5 weeks old now, so I think they may be a little too small for us to start handling them, but we’ve got inquiries in to some contacts at our local shelter and our vet’s office to find out how best to proceed with the situation. We definitely want to socialize them before finding them good homes.

  3. oh my! This makes me miss my stray cat all the more. I wish I could adopt one, but I’m just too allergic. Take care of them! they’re so cute!
    oh, and dinner looks good too, but it’s hard to focus on salmon when there’s kittens about.

  4. yzz says:

    mmmmmmmmmm. mmmm. lemon pepper is my favorite seasoning for asparagus, but I must try this.

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