Weekend Eats (and Drinks)

Dinner:  May 12, 2007

Thick-cut Flying Pigs chops with a shallot pan sauce; roasted asparagus; smashed fingerling potatoes. Yum.

Le Carre du Prieur

Sunday afternoon sipper: 2006 La Carré du Prieur. Delicious fruity red best drunk with a bit of chill on it.

Dinner:  May 13, 2007

The first burgers of the season, and they were delicious. I’m playing with my recipe a bit, so expect to see them in fairly heavy rotation over the summer months.

Poivre et Sel

Another stellar recommendation from Dan at Uva – this was absolutely delicious with our burgers.

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  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    Hi Doug – you know, I haven’t decided yet. A girl needs to keep *some* secrets, after all. 😀

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