Grilled Trout with Bacon and Ramps

Dinner:  May 9, 2007

One could argue that everything is better with bacon; after our meal last night, I am inclined to agree.

Mike picked up a couple of smallish whole brook trout from Max Creek Hatchery at the Greenmarket yesterday, as well as a bunch of ramps and package of Tamarack Hollow’s excellent bacon. While he got a fire going in the new grill, I seasoned the trout inside and out with a little kosher salt, stuffed their bellies with ramps, and wrapped three strips of bacon around each fish, threading toothpicks through the ends to secure them.


The fish went onto the grill and we cooked them for about 12 minutes a side over indirect heat. The bacon basted the fish as it cooked, and the fat kept the fish from sticking to the grate. The ramps got crisp on the ends and picked up a delicious smoky flavor, and the fish stayed moist and tender encased in its porky cocoon. I quickly sautéed a bunch of young mustard greens in a bit of olive oil and sliced up a greenhouse tomato to serve alongside (still not as good as our home-grown tomatoes when they’re in-season, but surprisingly tasty).

This meal was incredibly simple and beyond delicious. After about two bites we ditched our silverware and just started eating with our fingers! We’ll definitely do this one again.

2 thoughts on “Grilled Trout with Bacon and Ramps

  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    Thanks! It worked incredibly well, and the bacon got super crispy, too. I’d definitely recommend the method to anyone!

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