Canard au Cidre Duck Leg Confit with Spatzle

canard au cidre duck leg confit

Mike asked to cook Friday’s dinner. He had taken apart a duck to make one last batch of confit before it gets too warm out, and we had a bit of confit to use up from his last batch, so he looked for a preparation using that and the fresh duck breasts he had reserved. What he found was this, and it was amazing. He also made spatzle (hi Ann!) to accompany the dish, and I’m pretty certain I’m going to ask him to make it all the time.

Yann Chave Crozes Hermitage 2005

Wine Pairing: My contribution to the meal was the wine – a bottle of 2005 Yann Chave Crozes Hermitage with delicious spice and pepper notes.

3 thoughts on “Canard au Cidre Duck Leg Confit with Spatzle

  1. Those are some mighty fine looking spatzle mike made! Delicious aren’t they? The wine looks great as well. I know it’s cliche, but I do love a Rhone red!

  2. I have a potato ricer with interchangeable discs, and the disc with the largest holes is designed to make spatzle. And it does it very well. Mmmm, spatzle.

    (However, as I discovered in the week, you can’t mash parsnips with a ricer.)

  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Ann – the spatzle were AWESOME! The wine was really great, too – I’d definitely recommend it. I’m also a fan of the Rhone reds. 🙂

    Stu – we will totally have to experiment with using the food mill next time. And I loooove mashed parsnips.

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