Chicken, Bacon & Red Pepper Hash

chicken, bacon & red pepper hash

Weekend brunches at home are usually pretty straightforward – eggs, bacon or sausage, toast or potatoes, that sort of thing. I recently ordered a set of PoachPods and was eager to test them out, and I have also been eager to try a spin on Ina Garten’s Basil Chicken Hash, so this seemed like a good opportunity to do both.

We had four thick-cut slices of bacon in the fridge, so I chunked those up into about 1 inch pieces and began to cook them in in the cast iron skillet. I added two large shallots (chopped) and a pinch of salt and let the shallots begin to caramelize, then I added about two cups of boiled fingerlings, cut into chunks, and about a cup and a half of cubed roasted chicken left over from last night. I seasoned this again with salt and pepper and let it all brown. I chopped up a couple of fire-roasted red peppers and added those to the mix, along with lots of fresh thyme and basil (chiffonade).

Poaching the eggs was ridiculously easy – you just bring a pan of water to a boil, crack an egg into each of the PoachPods (to which you’ve added a tiny amount of oil), then gently place them into the water, lid up the pan and let the eggs cook to the desired doneness. In about five minutes, I had perfectly poached eggs (with no messy pan to clean up), which I loosened from the pods with a spoon and placed on top of the hash. Mike said this was easily as good as similar dishes we’ve had out, and I have to agree. Plus, it’s always nice to be able to eat in your pajamas.

3 thoughts on “Chicken, Bacon & Red Pepper Hash

  1. merry says:

    that poach pod thing is awesome. Alex and I just got one of those poaching pans for Alex’s dad as a dad’s day present… now I’m kind of regretting it. These are so much cooler! 😦

  2. Cheryl Harris says:

    Jen –

    My mouth is watering from all these delicious-looking entries. I so admire someone with the gift for cooking (and it is definitely a gift to be able to throw meals together the way you do rather than just rely on recipe books).

    This looks like it will be a lot of fun and shall be bookmarked instantly!


  3. Jennifer Hess says:

    Miss Merry, the poach pods are seriously fantastic. Highly recommended.

    Cheryl, thank you! Hopefully this will continue to be a fun undertaking and not start to feel like work! 😉

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