Wasabi and Panko Crusted Salmon

wasabi-panko crusted salmon

Nothing too fancy last night – I took a couple of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon filets, seasoned them with salt, spread a mixture of grainy mustard and wasabi on the flesh side, and sprinkled a layer of panko over the top. These went into a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes, then were briefly blasted under the broiler to brown the crust.

Harold McGee posted about red rice on his blog yesterday, which reminded me that I had an unopened bag of Bhutanese red rice in the cupboard. I figured it would be as good a night as any to try it, and Mike and I were both pleased with the flavor and the texture of it. The rice was a beautiful color, and had a nice nuttiness and bite to it.

I had spaced on a vegetable accompaniment, so I mixed up a quick vinaigrette using rice wine vinegar, ponzu, and sesame and canola oils, and tossed it with some mixed lettuces and carrots.

Wine Note: We drank the 2005 Channing Daughters Sauvignon, an absolutely beautiful Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay blend.

5 thoughts on “Wasabi and Panko Crusted Salmon

  1. Jennifer Hess says:

    Lenn, we really enjoyed the wine, both on its own and with the meal. I’m a bit embarrassed to say it is the first time we’ve drunk a Channing Daughters wine, but it certainly won’t be the last. There are some really lovely local wines available here, and we’d like to sample more of them… and hopefully get out to a vineyard or three someday, too.

  2. When and if you come out…definitely let me know…I’ll point you in the right direction.

    AND…are you guys planning to go to Brooklyn Uncorked in May? A lot of LI wineries will be pouring there (and of course I’ll be there as well!)

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