So this year’s big, newsy post was going to be all about how we had decided to move to a new city, to pursue new opportunities and go through the process of building a home and a community in a brand new place. DC was our goal, with plentiful job opportunities in our chosen fields, rich culture and history, a wonderful food and drink scene to explore, and most importantly, an abundance of friends and family near.

We had it all planned out, and we were starting to take the first small steps toward making this move happen. But then we encountered an unexpected bump.

Coming in September

And we couldn’t be more thrilled. Terrified, but thrilled.

As we like to joke, we pulled the goalie a long time ago; we had absolutely no reason to expect that we were going to become parents without some sort of intervention that neither of us was really willing to go through. And we were okay with that. Being a terrific aunt or uncle is nothing to scoff at, and I also like to think we’ve done all right caring for the feline members of our little family.

But now, if all continues to go well, that family will grow by one, come September. DC is still very much a goal for us, especially once the little one arrives, but for now, we’re staying put.

And we’re having a baby.


I’ll get back to the food here soon, I promise – after all, the eating I’m doing now is probably the most important eating I’ve done in my life, and I’d like to talk about it with you. I have a ton of questions and I suspect some of you may, too. I just wanted to share our news with you wonderful folks who have shared so much of our lives over the last four years here.

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