our Friday ritual

our wine with dinner

Dinner:  June 25, 2010

now that's what I call "free-range"

napa, radishes, turnips


fennel, onions, leafy greens

Mary Kate

goat cheese

wrestling match


summer broccoli


Pimm's No. 1 Cup

buttermilk blue cheese dressing

Dinner: June 26, 2010

Sunday brunch at home


experimental unnamed cocktail

Dinner: June 27, 2010

So I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. This week, in celebration of the completion of food52’s first round, and to get myself back into the swing of posting regularly, every dinner this week will come from food52 and the wonderful community of cooks there. I’ve bookmarked so many wonderful-sounding recipes, I figure it’s high time I started trying them out. I think it’ll be just the jolt of inspiration I need.

(As always, click the photos to view them with more detail in my Flickr stream.)

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