Dinner: April 28, 2010

I had higher hopes for cooking and blogging this week, but it became clear to me on Tuesday that what I had hoped was a raging case of seasonal allergies was actually the nasty bug that has been circulating at my office. I’ve gone through countless boxes of tissue and can barely smell or taste a thing, so I was grateful that Mike had already offered to make another one of his delicious pizzas last night.

If you’re new to the site it may seem like we eat a heck of a lot of pizza, mac & cheese, roast chicken, and the like, and I guess we do – or at least we have done so, of late – but I have to remind myself that at least we’re cooking real food at home most nights of the week. Despite illness or busy schedules, despite life throwing curveballs of all sorts, our meals have come to matter to us enough that the farmers’ market visit is a weekly (or more often, in summer) ritual, and that we’re more interested in spending money on sourcing out the best food we can buy than in owning a car, in taking vacations, in having new, shiny *stuff*.

Our friend Anita wrote a great post today in response to the Michael Ruhlman kerfuffle, and I think I’m going to play along with her. As Anita writes, “[w]e (by which I mean all of us who care about food, and health, and community) need to teach people to make good food in whatever time they have available, not heap scorn on those who think that 30-Minute Meals are the answer. I can make dinner — organic, local, balanced food — in 15 minutes if pressed. It may not be pretty, but it’s real and it’s delicious.” I think this will be a great opportunity to share and learn, and I look forward to seeing what results.

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