kale blossoms

It all started with these – kale blossoms, they’re called, lovely slender green stalks with flowery ends, and the minute I laid eyes on the solitary bunch of them that remained at the NorthStar Farm table at last Saturday’s farmers’ market, I knew I’d be bringing them home. They looked so similar to broccoli rabe that I grabbed a package of sweet Italian sausage from Simmons Farm, too, figuring they would make a good pairing, and when we saw the limited edition “Pizza Mozzarella” at the Narragansett Creamery table, Tuesday night’s dinner was all but set.

Mike made his standard crust and sauce recipes while I was at work, then sauteed the crumbled sausage once I had arrived home. The kale blossoms got a brief saute, too, just a minute with a slick of extra virgin and a pinch of red chile flakes, until the blossoms were bright green but still crisp.

Sauce, cheese, sausage, and kale blossoms were layered on the crust and the assembled pie went onto a hot pizza stone. After a brief bake at 450, we pulled out our pie, added some chopped fresh oregano from Ledge Ends and a shower of finely grated Pecorino Romano, then once the risk of mouth-scorching had passed, we dug in.

Dinner: April 13, 2010

My guy’s got this pizza thing down.

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