If you follow me (and/or my husband) on Twitter or Facebook or elsewhere, you have probably already heard Mike’s exciting news. If not, well, go read all about it. This is going to be a huge change for us, but it’s a fabulous opportunity for him, and I am so, so proud. And what an honor that he was asked to be part of someone else’s dream.

As for what will become of Last Night’s Dinner, I’m not sure. I’d like to keep the site alive in some form, if nothing else as an archive, but with our wildly disparate schedules after Cook & Brown opens, the days of Mike and I cooking and dining together most nights and me then blogging about it are drawing to a close.

I’ll certainly be present at Cook & Brown from time to time, but to be honest, I will still likely spend most evenings at home. I have no intention of giving up my time in the kitchen – after all, I cooked countless meals for myself long before there was an “us” to feed. I’m a home cook, as much as I am a wife, a desk jockey, a crazy cat lady, a daughter and sister and aunt. It’s what I love. And hopefully, though things are changing, you’ll still find reason to visit me here and share a meal as Mike and I enter into this somewhat scary but extremely exciting new phase in our lives. Who knows, with all the time I’ll soon have in the evenings, maybe I can actually develop, test, and then publish more of those recipes y’all seem to like so much.

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