raw rye berries

As soon as I heard that Schartner Farms was going to have rye berries at our Wintertime Farmers’ Market, I began looking into ways to use them. My first thought was to substitute them for farro in things like warm grain salads, a preparation that has worked extremely well. But when I was trying to decide what to whip up for our dinner last night, I had another thought: as I’ve mentioned here before, I’d love to get a solid, tasty vegetarian chili recipe in my repertoire, and with portions of cooked beans and cooked rye berries already in the fridge, it seemed like a good thing to revisit.

rye berries

From a textural standpoint, the rye berries did everything I hoped they would in the chili (and the beans, of course, were fabulous). However, the finished dish was lacking the sort of meaty-without-meat flavor I was after. I think for the next go-round, I’ll return to my original idea of adding mushrooms into the mix to provide savoriness and yet another textural variation, but I’ll definitely keep the rye berries in. Look for my recipe soon.

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