last hurrah

Yesterday was not one of my better days. My stomach was churning as much as my mind was, and my lack of appetite made it hard to think about what to make for dinner. By the time I was halfway home, I had decided on soup, but it wasn’t until I remembered the tomatoes on the counter that a plan took shape.

You see, I bought those tomatoes, green, at the last day of the Hope Street farmers’ market at Lippitt Park. My intent was to pickle them, or at the very least to fry them, but they sat on a plate on the counter, forgotten and turning from green to pink to ripe red. November tomatoes – a gift. I had to use them, and while they were surprisingly fragrant when I cut into them, I figured the best way to coax as much flavor out of them as possible would be to roast them.

Dinner:  November 16, 2009

I also had fennel from the weekend market – not a planned purchase, but when I saw those green fronds peeking out at the Simmons Farm table, I couldn’t resist. The fennel would get roasted, too, then the roasted vegetables and all of their rich juices would go into a pot of broth and shallot softened in butter. That done, I pureed it all until smooth, a little tickled at the beautiful orangey hue the soup took on as everything blended together. The soup didn’t really need the cream I added at the end, but it was Monday, and a little extra softness is always welcome on a Monday, don’t you think?

You can get the recipe at food52.

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