Mike asked to take on dinner last night, and since my allergies had gotten the best of me, I didn’t argue. Besides, pizza was on the menu, and as you regular readers should know, he turns out some mighty fine ones.

This, however, might have been his best work yet.

the sauce

The base was a combination of little yellow grape tomatoes from Wishing Stone Farm, plus some diced red tomato and green garlic, all melted down in olive oil and spiked with ribbons of basil to form a light, fresh-tasting sauce. In addition to our favorite local mozzarella, there were soft leeks and freshly grated, super-aged gouda, both of which got beautifully golden in the oven.

And the crust on which this wonderful pie was built was SO good that it merits it’s own post… stay tuned.

Who needs delivery when you can get pizza this good at home?

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