LND Full Disclosure 2

So this is what the rest of my week looked like, food-wise. Much of it is not terribly exciting, but there it is. Let’s start at the beginning:

Monday’s breakfast was a couple of Mike’s biscuits with homemade butter. I brought leftovers for lunch but wasn’t feeling it, so I got soup and salad. And you guys already know about dinner.

Tuesday breakfast was a savory hodgepodge of leftovers, and lunch was leftover bread pudding. I didn’t get around to blogging dinner, but it was a simple seafood chowder, with local wild striped bass and plenty of Perry’s awesome littleneck clams.

I started my Wednesday with a bagel and cream cheese, which just made me miss New York. Lunch was leftover baked pasta, and you know about dinner.

Thursday was buttered toast for breakfast (yawn), and soup, chips and sandwich from my office cafeteria for lunch. I am such a dork for potato chips. Mike made a wonderful butter chicken for dinner that night, from Jessamyn’s recipe (thanks, lady!).

Rounding out the week, some sub-par oatmeal from Au Bon Pain, pizza and salad with some coworkers for lunch, and dinner… which you’ll read about on Monday.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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