Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Work has been extremely busy, my days are long, and I just haven’t had it in me to keep up here. If you’re really curious, you can see what we ate for dinner Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on Flickr. We went out to dinner on Friday, a well-deserved and much needed night out at Chez Pascal, which did not disappoint.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this site, what it started out as and what it has become, and the fact that, much to my surprise, traffic keeps going up and up and up. I’ve developed a wonderful readership, have gotten so many comments and emails that I can barely keep up, and it’s incredibly flattering. But there have been criticisms, too, more now than ever, and I do take that to heart.

spice drawer

I try very hard to cook and eat mindfully, to be aware of how the choices I make at the market and in the kitchen have an impact on not just our household and health, but the world around us. My choices may be different than yours, but that’s okay – I feel very comfortable with the way we eat, and as I’ve said many times, I am grateful that Mike and I are in a position to live and eat the way we do. I have never taken it for granted.

fridge, 10.18.08

I’ve discussed our views on eating meat before, and though that post was written when we still lived in New York and had easier access to a wider variety of sustainably-raised meats, it still holds true. It is harder now for us to find certain things, but we take full advantage of what we can find.

pantry, full view

But I don’t want to cover old ground here. What I do want is to try to put the meals you see here into context. This is “Last Night’s Dinner,” after all, and what you see here is mainly our dinners, but if that’s all you see then it would appear that we eat, as one commenter recently wrote, “a lot of meat and fat.” But dinner is just one meal out of our day. It’s not the whole picture.


With this post and another to come, I hope to give you a bit more insight into our kitchen and our diet. Take a look around not just our fridge and freezer, but our pantry as well – it’s all out here for your perusal. Click the photos for annotated versions; the full photoset is here.

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