Some people wait all year for sweet corn, others for the first ripe, juicy peaches, but to me, nothing says summer like the classic combo of tomatoes and basil. This is the time of summer where they are bursting out all over and just starting to get to their peak of flavor, so I use them as often as I can.

I love heirlooms, but my favorite tomatoes are probably the tiny Sweet 100 variety, so when I saw a lone container of them at the Monday farmers market at Boston’s Government Center, I snapped them up and switched plans for dinner that night. I’d give the tomatoes a brief sauté with olive oil, garlic and a little sea salt before tossing them with hot cooked spaghetti and a nub of Burro di Bufala.

I had envisioned adding an abundance of tiny whole leaves of my Pistou basil, but it had given up the ghost, so regular Genovese had to do. I gently stirred in some diced domestic buffalo mozzarella off the heat, then plated and served.

Mmmmm… Summer in every bite.

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